How to increase the profitability?

How to increase the profitability of each yield?

Humic fertilizers have a positive impact on most yield. The positive effect is associated with the activation of photosynthesis.

The application of BH-FRUIT on fruit trees allows to increase the yield by 15% and increase sugar content in the fruit.

BH-VEGETABLE may increase the yield and sugar content of eggplants, tomatoes and other vegetables by 30%;

BH-CITRUS - an organic humic fertilizer for citrus. It increases the amount of productive ovaries and citrus yield by 25%. It enhances the resistance of plants to adverse conditions.

BH-OLIVE - an organic humic fertilizer designed specifically for the olive trees in the Mediterranean region. It increases the yield of olive trees.

BH-POTATO is designed for tubers. It is applied to treat the seeds and vegetative plants; it increases the potatoes yield by 25%.

BH-CROP - organic fertilizer for grain yield. It significantly increases the yield by 20%. It can be used together with pesticides, reducing the negative impact of pesticides on plants.

BH-GRAIN- an organic fertilizer for grain seed treatment. It is used in conjunction with etching agent. It increases germination and germination energy.

You can learn more about the peculiarities of application of each product of the brand BioAgroHUMATE in the Section Plant Treatment.

Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

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