How to increase grain crops just for 5 euro per ha?

How to increase grain crops?

To increase grain yield we offer two products:

Organic humic fertilizer BH-GRAIN - for seed treatment and organic humic fertilizer BH-CROP - for grain treatment during the growing season.

The cost of comprehensive treatment is available to every farmer - from 5 € / ha.

For example, BioAgroHUMATE increased productivity by 10% and improved the grade of grain on the farm in the province Lower Silesia (Poland), because fibrin and vitreousness of grain were improved.

The economic feasibility of the application of humic fertilizers BioAgroHUMATE is overviewed in the Section BENEFITS.

Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

We create a dealership network

Cooperation with enterprises interested in the distribution of organic humic fertilizers of TM "BioAgroHUMATE". Manufacturer offers the best terms and conditions.