Droughts cause multimillion losses

How to keep yield in dry conditions?

Soil loses moisture necessary plants in the drought. This process is much faster on soils with low humus content because moisture-holding capacity of soil depends on humus.

It is well known that humus soil, for example, black soil, retains moisture better.

Humic fertilizers BioAgroHUMATE stimulate the formation of humus layer thereby they increase moisture-holding capacity of soil.

Based on the practice of BioAgroHUMATE application, grain crops live for 5-7 days longer. Usually there is precipitation during this period.

Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

We create a dealership network

Cooperation with enterprises interested in the distribution of organic humic fertilizers of TM "BioAgroHUMATE". Manufacturer offers the best terms and conditions.