Recuparation of agricultural lands

Recuparation of agricultural land, depleted by intense agriculture and damaged by soil erosion

Intensive agriculture, lack of yield rotation, abundant watering, strong winds and the annual application of fertilizers lead to soil degradation, reduction of humus layer.

As a result, the fertility is reduced, the effectiveness of fertilizers is decreased, the productivity falls and soil erosion emerges. It is necessary to make organic fertilizers such as manure, compost and others to prevent this.

However, the average rate of manure is 20-30 tons per hectare, while the introduction of organic humic fertilizer «BH-SOIL» «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ is 50-200 kg / ha, depending on the soil.

Factors activating soil erosion:

  • Absence of humus content in the soil
  • The slope of holding is more than 5 °
  • Absence of crop rotation
  • Regular use of mineral fertilizers
  • Wind
  • Rainfall

Absence of forest plantations and other land treatment facilities

The main reason for soil erosion - Reduction of humus layer.

Organic humic fertilizers «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ increase the humus layer of the soil.

The results of the application of «BH-SOIL» «BioAgroHUMATE» ™:

  • It restores the humus layer of the soil that prevents soil erosion
  • It improves the mechanical soil structure, the aeration of the root system of plants takes place more actively
  • the buffer capacity of the soil increases, nitrogen fertilizers are retained in the soil longer, plants digest them more effectively
  • The soil retains moisture better, the plant lives for 5-7 days longer in the drought. Usually there is precipitation during this period
  • The amount of soluble phosphorus in the soil increases significantly, which is absorbed by plants, thereby reducing the phosphorus fertilizer application rate for more than 20%
  • The soil fertility increases.

«BH-SOIL» «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ is available in pellet form and is easily incorporated into the soil by using conventional fertilizer spreaders or by using two tanks seeder for sowing grain.

The average rate of application of organic humic fertilizer «BH-SOIL» is 4-8 bags per hectare, depending on the soil, at the cost of 36 € / ha.


Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

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