Recultivation of soil and water contaminated by oil products

Current environmental problem:

  • The global problem of environmental impacts of oil spills
  • Area of contaminated land grows every year
  • Oil pollution cause irreparable damage to the flora and fauna of entire regions
  • Oil contaminated lands gradually pollute groundwater
  • Negative impact on the environment of toxic reagents used in the elimination of oil pollution

The effect of organic humic fertilizers «BioAgroHUMATE» ™:

  • Treatment of oil-contaminated soil by organic humic substances of «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ provides efficient sorption of hydrocarbons and activation of microbiological processes, resulting in accelerated degradation of oil and treatment of soil
  • when «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ is introduced into the soil, characteristic odor of oil products disappears, and a relevant layer is formed which prevents the movement of oil products down through the soil profile, so the external or extensional localization of the source of contamination takes place.
  • The application of humic substances «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ conduces more effective bioremediation of oil pollution
  • Treatment of oil-contaminated soil by organic humic substances of «BioAgroHUMATE» ™ provides a rapid restoration of the main agrochemical indices of soil and increases its fertility
  • As a result, over time after the treatment of contaminated sites, you can see the coverage of the area by grass, the absence of the characteristic odor of oil products

Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

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