Nitrogen fertilizer prices are increasing?
 Droughts cause multimillion losses
How to increase the productivity of greenhouses
Nitrates in vegetables, fruit, berries?
How citrus plants can resist frosts?
How to increase grain crops just for 5 euro per ha?
How to increase the profitability?


Recultivation of soil and water contaminated by oil products. Processing fertilizer grains, legumes. Processing of seed grain and grain-legume crops during the growing season.
fertilizante orgánico Processing olive tree organic fertilizer. fertilizante orgánico Abono para cultivar leguminosas tomates Processing of vegetables (tomato, cabbage) Processing fertilizer of citrus.
Processing berries. Processing of fruit trees. Processing of grapes.

Good yield

  • Potato growing

    Humic fertilizer, leonardite, BioAgroHUMATE are used to improve germination and increase vigor tubers.

  • Lawn growing

    Humic fertilizer, leonardite, BioAgroHUMATE can help to grow high-quality lawn.

  • Fertilizer for lemon

    BioAgroHUMATE increases the frost resistance of citrus when leaves irrigation is used.

  • Aumento del rendimiento

    Compost for mushrooms growing

    BioAgroHUMATE improves the quality of compost and increases the yield of mushrooms

  • en el cultivo de tomates

    Hidrophonics and BioAgroHUMATE

    BH-VEGETABLE shortens the maturation of greenhouse vegetables

Customers Feedback

  • We have treated seed potatoes. We did not have the possibility to soak it, so we sprayed it with a solution «BH-POTATO». As a result, the germination of tubers was improved, and the first leaves appeared almost simultaneously on the entire area.

  • We have used "BioAgroHUMATE" for growing turf. We have tried it for the preparation of the soil and together with irrigation. As a result, the grass stayed the whole winter in a good condition and quickly recovered. We also saved up on nitrogen fertilizers thanks to BH-SOIL. Now we use complex treatment of "BioAgroHUMATE" all the time.

  • We fertilized 8-year-old lemon trees. BH-SOIL was added into the irrigation furrows with nitrogen fertilizer. BH-FRUIT was also added into watering and irrigation. Because of the treatment trees bloomed profusely and gave a good ovary. We are happy with the yield. BioAgroHUMATE is an effective and inexpensive fertilizer.

  • Our company has been producing compost for growing mushrooms for over 8 years. We have been using humic substances, we add into water BioAgroHUMATE when make straw wet since 2013. As a result, it became possible to reduce the compost ripening time and increase productivity by 15-20%. The quality of compost has been improved by increasing the content of humus. Manufacturers appreciate our mushroom compost because of the high yield of mushrooms.

  • Our greenhouse business specializes in growing hydroponic tomatoes. We use coconut substrate with drip irrigation. We have been using humic fertilizers for more than 2 years, we add BioAgroHUMATE into nutrient solution with the concentration of 0,02%. We are greatly satisfied with economic effect.

Our Benefits

How does this work

Humic substances «BH-SOIL» form the humus layer of the soil and improve its fertility.

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It’s very easy to prepare the solution for irrigation: 100 g fertilizer per 250 l of water.

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Special price till the end of 2014. The cost of treatment is only 3 € per ha.

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Convenient pre-packing for wholesale and retail customers.

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Free fertilizer for experimental areas.

BioAgroHUMATE provides organic humic fertilizer for experimental areas.

We create a dealership network

Cooperation with enterprises interested in the distribution of organic humic fertilizers of TM "BioAgroHUMATE". Manufacturer offers the best terms and conditions.